Things That We Loved In February 

 Wow! Well that month went fast didn’t it.  Has time always flown by so quickly or is it just because I’m an old person now!?Here’s what we loved last Month…..

Animals. Half term was a struggle. I admit entertaining my kids for a full week isn’t the easiest thing…luckily we got off to a great start. A wonderful day out at “Winter at Flamingo Land”. Just £10 each for a walk round the zoo, some of the little kids rides and the shows (pirates, sea lions etc) My kids aren’t really bothered by the bigger rides so I’m always livid when I have to pay over £30 each for a ticket in the summer so this is perfect for us as a family. Winter at Flamingo Land ends April 1st when the full park reopens. And they have a baby giraffe and it’s super cute! Aww  Flamingo Land

Local Favourite- February meant we had our first Teare Wood’s ice cream of the year!  Made from milk from their own dairy herd Teare Woods do the most amazing ice cream flavours. (Cotton Candy was Rory and Addie’s choice this day) oh and the do yummy cakes, yummy lunch, yummy coffee etc. Check out their Friday Night Tapas too

Teare Woods

Bows. I refuse to buy a Jojo bow. I hate them, I just hate the material and the faddishness and that girls are mean if you don’t have the right type. Thank fuck Addie isn’t that bothered. What we do love are these cute little bows from Beckii’s Bowtique gorgeous handmade hair accessories and amazing speedy service. Beckii also does bespoke orders, perfect for special occasions or if your a weirdo like me and slightly obsessed with matching accessories! Beckii’s Bowtique

Music with Friends. The happiest I can ever be is watching live music with my best friends. February saw a very drunk, happy evening spent with some of my favourite people watching The Battery Parade.

A fantastic local band gigging in the Whitby area who play a mix of punk, indie and rock. They get a special mention for covering a couple of Gaslight Anthem songs (my favourite band)   The Battery Parade

Obviously our coolness was inevitably ruined by finishing the night dancing to a shit DJ in another bar (why didn’t he have that new Katy Perry song? Haha) and then paying for a greasy burger with a fivers worth of 20p’s. You cant beat nights like that 

Already excited to see what March has to bring…if today’s anything to go by I’ll be writing a blog post about washing kids clothes and watching programs about all you can eat buffets!