When I Grow Up + Clever Tykes Giveaway 

What does your child want to be when they grow up?  Let me guess…..

A firefighter? Nope

A Doctor? No not that

A Youtuber! I got it didn’t I?

I guess aspiring to be a Youtuber or Vlogger is a modern-day version of dreaming to be a rockstar or actor. Possible but probably not going to happen.

Sitting down with Rory and speaking to him about what job he would like to do (and getting over the initial “Youtuber” conversation) he had made some choice decisions. He likes the thought of working on video games or something techie. He would also like to own a Pizzeria, which considering he only decided he didn’t absolutely hate pizza last month is a bit of a radical career choice.

Addie on the other hand is still holding out hope of being a vet, Marceline (The Vampire Queen) or Taylor Swift!!!

I went through every job aspiration that ever existed when I was young. From an artist to an actor to a writer to a teacher to (and I quote) “I’m just going to live in London and get money and free stuff because I’m cool”. I eventually fell into a job I love and still have to be an artist and writer.

There are many books, films and TV shows where the main character becomes a princess or a superhero or a pop star. There are very few (none maybe?) about kids becoming computer programmers or business moguls.

Clever Tykes is a series of books aimed at primary school children aged 6-9 years. The books aim to introduce enterprise and life skills to children through the use of entrepreneurial role models. 
We were given the first three books in the series to read and review ourselves and to give away to you guys. The books are Walk-It Willow, Code-It Cody and Change-It Cho.

The first in the series, Walk-It Willow follows the story of a girl who turns her love of dogs into her very own dog walking business. The story, along with the others highlight decision-making, resourcefulness and the importance of hard work through the use of strong, likeable and realistic characters. The books also include target literacy and numeracy skills for key stage 2 level learning. Both of Addie and Rory (aged 7 and 9) enjoyed the books and happily chatted about their future careers for some time after reading them. They found all of the books good fun. Rory’s favourite was Code-it Cody and Addie’s was Walk-it Willow. 

Clever Tykes are a husband and wife team, Jodie and Ben. As well as being mentioned in Forbes Thirty under Thirty list and having their books stocked in high-end retailers such as Harrods and Selfridges, they also secured a deal to supply 23,000 books and resources to primary schools across the U.K. This is thanks to a sponsorship from Lloyds Banking Group. To learn more about enterprise education CLICK HERE or to register your school for this initiative Click Here

To win your own set of Clever Tykes books  comment below and let me know..

****As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?*****

And then follow the instructions on the gleam app below…

We Got One Thing x Clever Tykes Giveaway

106 thoughts on “When I Grow Up + Clever Tykes Giveaway 

  1. Clare Fox says:

    I wanted to be an air stewardess. I even wrote to BA and got a lovely reply, shame I am only 5ft as too small to do the job. My son this weekend told my husband he wanted to be a binman.


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